Tattoo Moto was created from the need to make ordinary bikes into inspired, unique machines. Born in Tattoo Projects ad agency, Tattoo Moto applies the same principals of creative strategy and showmanship to customs as we do to making creative brand campaigns for our clients. Any given day at Tattoo, bikes are being built alongside tv spots, digital campaigns, print ads, and package design. This kind of creative influence produces bikes with an unusual and memorable style.

We thrive on reimagining bikes and transforming them into statement pieces – they must first move a rider emotionally, before moving them physically. A lower stance. A stretched swing arm. A better-proportioned profile. Fatter tires. Gnarlier tires. Powder coating. Exhausts you can feel in the pit of your stomach. Bad-ass seats. From a slight tweak or tuck, to a full-blown tear-down and rebirth, we do the right stuff to bring out the soul of the bike.

We haven’t offered to sell a single bike to date, out of fear that once we do, we might lose site of the fact that building bikes is a passion and not a job. So far, we’ve decided to take money out of the equation. Maybe one of these days we’ll think about selling. But until then, Tattoo Moto is nothing but pure creativity and a labor of love manifested in some kick ass motorcycles.

Enjoy checking out the bikes, and if you happen to swing through Charlotte, give us a call and let’s ride.