Das Spaniard

We love Airheads. and we love flat track! So, it was only natural that we combined them in this build. After purchasing the raw Astro glass-work we did a little nip and tuck on the seat pan and shortened it 4”. Donald from Dee Gainey’s laid down the beautiful factory replica Astro paint. On top of the seat pan sits a custom tuck and roll seat completed by Larson Upholstery, larsonupholstery.com. Down below, the bike wears Pirelli Scorpions, helping give the bike a heavy-footed tracker look. Speedo? We don’t need no stinkin’ speedo! This is 2017 and there’s an app for that! Instead there’s a smartphone mount that allows the rider to figure out his speed, his direction or just making sure he’s never more than half a mile from a gas pump.