The Bane

From sitting for 40 years without having been properly put up, this 1973 R75/5’s motor was seized up like the Greek Discobolus statue with a bad case of tennis elbow. So, we busted that paper weight wide open, polished it up, threw a new pair of 1000cc jugs on it along with a couple of Mikuni 38mm carbs. We refinished every OEM part we wanted to salvage, chopped 7 inches off the subframe and sent everything out for powder. Next, we rebuilt the forks and picked up a set of Ohlins ‘Black Out’ shocks. We found a sweet toaster tank on eBay and paid way too much for it, but a little elbow grease and a couple of coats of Curry Metallic paint and it’s as good as new. When the frame came back from powder we slapped the motor in. We added a swing arm, forks, tank, a very wide set of bars, all new wiring harnesses, a seat and a couple of fenders. Lastly, we had a bright shiny new set of Firestone Champion Deluxe’s mounted on the beautiful gloss black and stainless steel wheels.